Hoi-An is one of the most beautiful towns in Vietnam and one you shouldn’t miss. Hoi An is exceptionally well preserve as a Southeast Trading port. And spending some time in this small town will take you back in time, so here is our 3 day travel guide for Hoi An, Vietnam.

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5 things to do in Hoi-An.

1. Explore the old town of Hoi-An.

Hoi An is a beautiful old town that is especially magical at night. As the sun goes down, the streets full up with people excited to see the street lantern lights turn on. The Old Town is fill with many small shops and many local restaurants serving traditional cuisine. The best way to get around the famous Old town is by bicycle or by walking because no cars are allowed inside. We prefer using bicycles which can easily be rented from many of the hotels in the area or from the locals.

Jonathan cycling through the old town of Hoi An, Vietnam

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Japanese covered bridge

This is one of Hoi An’s most iconic attractions. It was built by the Japanese community when they were situated in Hoi An. This bridge was build to reach the Chinese quarters and it includes a sculpture of a dog and a monkey. These represent the Chinese years, indicating that the constructions of the bridge started in the year of the dog and ended in the year of the monkey.

Japanese bridge located in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Shop at Hoi-An Old Town

Hoi An Old Town is fill with many small shops and restaurants. This is the place to find some amazing food, beautiful clothes, souvenirs, or anything you’re looking for. It’s the perfect night out. Get here around sunset and watch the lanterns turn on. Have an amazing meal at one of the local restaurants and then do some shopping in the markets under the stars and the lanterns.

Shops in the old  town of Hoi An

2. Relax at a beach in Hoi-An

Hoi-An has some of the best beaches in Vietnam, two of the closest beaches to the town is An Bang beach and our favourite Cua Dai beach. An Bang beach is the most popular beach in Hoi-An. You can rent some beach chairs from the locals at An Bang beach. Cua Dai beach is our personal favourite because it isn’t as popular as An Bang beach but so beautiful.

Chane and Jonathan on Hoi An beach

➔Our Tip: Pay attention if you ride a scooter to where you park. Some of the locals will try to wave you down and charge you a lot of money for parking. Just drive a little bit further, and you might get cheaper parking or even get free parking.

3. Hoi-An Night Market

This night market is located on Nguyen Hoang street and opens every day at 18:00 until late. It’s most popular for the colourful lantern shops. These shops make for beautiful pictures, however, to capture your beautiful picture, you will have to pay the store owners some money. This is the perfect place to buy a hand-made lanterns that will be unique and one of a kind. Other local vendors sell a variety of local snacks, clothing, jewellery, and accessories. There are also many restaurants and bars in the area. Hoi-An is one of the most beautiful towns in Vietnam.

Hoi An night market over the weekend

4. Get something tailor made

Get a suit or a dress custom made here in Hoi-An. There are hundreds of tailors in the town, and they don’t just provide good quality, but they are very cheap. If you ever want to get something made that’s perfectly designed to fit your style and your body type, this is the perfect place to get it done. It’s so affordable and you can even get your outfit send to your home via Vietnamese post. Hoi-An is well-known throughout Vietnam for getting stuff tailor-made.

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5. Take a day trip to Da Nang

Da Nang is a small coastal town that’s just an hour outside of Hoi-An. The main attractions in Da Nang are the Dragon Bridge and Marble Mountain. Da Nang also has a beautiful beach known as My Khe beach.

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How to get to Hoi-An?

Airplane: (fastest option and sometimes cheaper than the train)

Hoi-An doesn’t have an airport. The closest airport to Hoi-An is in Da Nang, which is about 45 minutes away. You can fly from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang and then take a shuttle bus or minivan from Da Nangs airport to Hoi-An. The flight from Hanoi is about three hours and 30 minutes, and from Ho Chi Minh City it’s about an hour and 20 minutes.

Train: (second best option but could be expensive)

Hoi-An also doesn’t have a railway station so you will have to take the train to Da Nang. You can take the train from Hanoi to Da Nang or from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang. It’s a 17-hour journey, but we would recommend taking the sleeper train. This will make the journey shorter because you will be able to sleep on the train and save some money because you don’t have to pay for one night’s accommodation.

Bus: (Cheapest option)

If you are on a very strict budget, you can take a sleeping bus. The bus isn’t that safe over such long distances and not very comfortable, but it’s the cheapest option. From Hanoi, it will take about 17 hours to get to Hoi-An if not longer. From Ho Chi Minh City, it will take about 22 hours to get to Hoi An.

When is the best time to visit Hoi-An?

Hoi-An is a very tropical province meaning it’s warm all year round, but it has two main seasons, a wet season and a dry season. The warmest months for Hoi-An are June and July, and the coldest months are December and January. The rainy season in Hoi-An is from September until January.

Even though Hoi-An is popular amongst tourist all year round, the best time to visit will be from February until May, because it’s between the coldest and the hottest months. You don’t want to be in Vietnam during the hottest months, because temperatures can reach as high as 45°C (113°F), which is very unpleasant since it can reach 80% humidity. You also don’t want it to rain during your entire trip so try to avoid the rainy season. We visited Hoi-An around the end of May and it was a nice time to visit but it was extremely hot.

➔Tip: Remember these temperatures only apply to Hoi-An province. Vietnam is one of the longest stretching countries so temperatures can differ drastically from one province to the next.

What to eat when in Hoi-An, Vietnam?

Hoi-An has some of the most delicious food that we have had during our whole Vietnam trip and here is a list of the things you shouldn’t miss out on:

1. Banh Mi (vegetarian/ Non-vegetarian options)

The Banh Mi is a Vietnamese baguette sandwich, filled with your choice of either meat of fresh vegetables. They are the perfect meal for lunch, and it’s cheap.

banh minh sandwich in Vietnam
From : http://www.banhmiking.se/

2. White roses (Non-vegetarian options)

This is a small rice dumpling that’s filled with shrimp or pork and served with a sprinkle of crispy fried onion and sweet chill sauce. This dish was created in Hoi-An and it’s the best place in Vietnam to try it. We prefer the shrimp one but try both and let us know which one is your favourite.

white roses a unique snack in Vietnam
From: https://images.app.goo.gl/rjhseaLrAawKyPmH8

3. Broken Rice with pork chop (Non-vegetarian option)

This is a very popular meal in the South of Vietnam. It’s usually a grilled pork chop served with egg, pickled vegetables and broken rice. This dish originated when Vietnamese farmers we unable to sell the rice grains which break while being processed from the field. The farmers end up eating the rejected rice themselves which later became a very popular meal among locals.

broken rice and pork chop is famous in the north of Vietnam
From: From: https://letstravelitup.com

4. Goi Cuon- Summer rolls (vegetarian/ Non-vegetarian options)

This is spring rolls that are a favourite here in Vietnam. A variety of meat and vegetable fillings that are wrap in rice paper. This specific one is fresh and not deep-fried. The deep-fry one is known as Cha Gio.

clear spring rolls  in vietnam
From: https://images.app.goo.gl/rjhseaLrAawKyPmH8

Where to stay in Hoi An?

Here is some of the most beautiful hotels in Hoi An:

1. Hoi An Sun Lake Homestay

2. Golden Bell Hoi An Boutique Villa

3. Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery

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